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Dear Artist & Craftsmen:

It is our desire in promoting this show that the interests of you, the artist or craftsman, are well represented. We feel that the show should be centered around you and your work with as little distraction from that purpose as possible. Advertising will be based, in as much as possible, on representing your creations.

Good entertainment can provide pleasant surroundings to work in. The entertainment we provide will be in the background to enhance the atmosphere rather than be the most important thing at the show.

Hopefully our desires combined with the high quality products will go together to make the event successful for both of us. 

SK Productions Presents

Payette Lakes Fine Art & Craft Fair

Fairway Park, McCall, ID

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2024 - 34th Annual Payette Lakes Fine Art & Craft Fair

August 17th and 18th


SHOW TIMES:            Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


SET UP:     Check-in will begin at 3:00 pm until 8:00 pm Friday and 6:30 am to 8:30 am Saturday


TEAR DOWN:    To begin no sooner than 4:00 pm Sunday, and to be completed by 9:00 pm


LOCATION:    Fairway Park (Baseball Field). The park is located on Davis Street between the Aspen Food Market and the McCall Golf Course.


FEES:  Arts, Crafts & Specialty Foods -

                       10x10: $195
                       10x15: $275
                       10x20: $355 

            (Late fee is $15.00 after June 15th)

            Food Booths - $210.00 for both days (includes 20 amps of power) 

            Non-Refundable New Vendor Jury Fee: $35 

            Cancellation before July 1st Fee is $35. No refunds after July 1st for any reason.


Requests for a refund before July must be in writing and received on or before July 1st.


JURYING:  Returning artists applying before March 15th will not have to jury unless you change or add a new medium. After March 15th you will have to jury with the new artists for spaces available. All new artists must submit a minimum of 3 photos of your work and 1 photo of the booth. New artists will be juried for spaces available in an open category. Selections will be based on the quality of work and booth design.


APPLICATION DEADLINE:   March 15th for returning artists, May 15th for new artists. After May 15th add $15.00 late fee for available space until filled.


ACCEPTANCE NOTICES:   Will be sent to all returning artists by March 20th. New artists will receive notice by May 20th. 


RESTRICTIONS:    Booth canopies or covers must be commercially produced white or specialty colored canopy and be straight legged. Exceptions may be granted on an individual basis during application. Make a note of the type of cover being used on your application. Blue, orange, and green tarps will not be allowed except at closing to cover booth or products and must be put away during the show. Canopies that require guy wires to hold them up are not allowed.




Rules &Regulations

  • Limit two (2) artists per space. Artist(s) must be present at all times during the show. Each Artist MUST apply individually. 

  • All work must be hand-crafted, designed, or formulated by seller.

  • No dealer or agents will be permitted. No commercial production work, flea market, or swap meet type items will be allowed (see restrictions).

  • Duplication of art or craft will be limited. Demonstrations of art or craft are encouraged.

  • Vehicles will be allowed on the grass during setup and tear down, weather permitting. Motor homes, large trailers or vehicles over 30’ may not be allowed on the grounds. All vehicles must be off by 9:30 am Saturday.


  • Security guard will be provided Friday & Saturday nights, but will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to participant’s property. No one will be allowed in after security is on duty.

  • Exhibitors are required to collect 6% Idaho State Sales Tax. Each vendor is required to fill out an ST124 form. This form can be used as a temporary Idaho Tax Permit.

  • Exhibitors must supply their own display booth, tables, and change.

  • Booths shall have the appearance of being professional in nature and at the very least be complimentary to the items being sold. Booth or canopy must be well constructed and able to withstand moderate winds and adverse conditions that sometimes occur. Booths that are not free standing are not allowed.

  • Artists who set up late or tear down early will not be invited to future festivals. Artists not checked in by 9:00 am Saturday may lose their space without a refund.

  • Food types will be regulated and vendors are required to have a valid Idaho Department of Health certificate and liability insurance. Specialty food vendors must have liability insurance and are required to provide proof with application.

  • Trailers or motor homes are not allowed on the grounds for use as a booth or display.

  • Location of booths will be at the discretion of the show manager. Requests for certain locations will be honored if possible. Space assignments will be given at check-in.

  • Selling space: all items for sale must be contained within boundaries of space purchased. This includes sales tables and chairs. No chairs, tables, or display items in isles.

  • Food vendors will be provided with a max of 20 amps of power. No generators allowed.

  • Signs with business name or artist’s names are allowed. No end of show or sale signs allowed.

  • Carnival type sales tactics or hawking is not allowed.

  • Jury: returning artists will not have to jury if they apply by April 15th unless they change or add medias. All new artists will be juried from four (4) slides or photos. One slide or photo needs to be of the booth. All item types that you wish to sell must be juried or you will be asked to remove them.

  • Acceptance: to participate in the show, you must apply, pay fees, and meet the qualifications for the show. Selection of participants will be from the juried list of artists who have applied.

  • Items considered obscene or pornographic are not allowed (see restrictions).

  • Cancellation Fee before July 1st: $35. NO Refunds after July 1st. Return check fee $35.

  • We have limited customer parking. Parking has been provided in the second ball field. Artists found paring in customer area or in food vendor/handy cap area without permission will not be asked back to future fairs.


Waivers & Restrictions

  • SK productions reserves to the right to photograph, video tape, or use your photos for present or future advertising purposes. Additionally, SK productions shall retain all rights to said photos or video tape.

  • SK productions reserve the right to remove exhibits, without refund, that may be falsely entered, or deemed by us to be unsuitable or objectionable. This restriction applies to noise, music, people, animals, things, conduct, printed material, or anything that might be objectionable to the show or the management.

  • Weather: show will be held rain or shine.  No refunds will be made for inclement weather or Acts of God. No refunds will be made for show cancellation by circumstances or powers beyond our control.

  • Upon signing the Space Rental Agreement, the undersigned agrees to the rules, regulations, and waivers as specified in the agreement. On behalf of the named business, organizations, or artists, the undersigned does hereby wave all rights and claims against SK Productions, the property owners and/or its agents for any personal injury to any organization or individual, and loss or damage to any property of the organization, business or artists and further indemnifies said groups and individuals from any claims by any person arising from organizations, or artist’s booth being present at show produced by SK Productions.


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